H A I R  H O M E 

I welcome you with open arms into my chair where I will listen, consult, communicate and support you on your journey to achieve the hair of your dreams.

With over two decades of experience in the business, I honed my craft as a master hair stylist in New York City.

 Immersed and surrounded by brilliant artists from around world has helped me immensely evolve as an artist through observation and experimentation.

Behind the chair at Graceland Brooklyn in Williamsburg and in Soho juxtaposed working behind the scenes on set for a myriad of fashion photo shoots, lookbooks, editorial, advertorial for tv and film, music videos and live shows styling hair, makeup and wardrobe.

I have styled innumerable actors, models, designers, musicians and celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Asa Larsson for Marc Jacobs, Tanya Taylor, Lucius, Bleachers and Baz Luhrmann. My work has been highlighted in various publications such as VOGUE and Allure.

I returned to my hometown to be closer to my family and have a softer, quieter lifestyle. I reside in the historic neighborhood of Heritage Hill in downtown Grand Rapids with my loving + playful Pomeranian, Stevie Nicks. I spend my free time singing, writing music on my piano + guitar, listening to records, cooking, reading and long walks with Stevie.

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